CM3 Prequalification

CM3 is an prequalification that demonstrates our commitment to health and safety management in the workplace. As our client you can rest assured that we are constantly striving to ensure our work environments maintain fluid OHS awareness, education and training.

Cleaning Council Member

We’ve been a proud member for over 25 years. The Cleaning Council (BSCAA) is Western Australia’s peak industry representative body for the commercial cleaning industry.

Quality Assurance ISO:9001

GWC Total Management has held its accreditation since 1995. In a recent audit of our systems, SAI’s Global Certification Auditor commented, “GWCTM’s ISO:9001 accreditation renewal is indicative of the fact that you have a good company guided by strong and structured systems and operated by dedicated people.”

Our accreditation drives our quality systems through everything we do from formalised inspections to document and contract control.

Green Stamp Certified

Green Stamp is more than just a waste reduction strategy. It is a comprehensive environmental program which assists with waste minimisation, reductions in energy consumption, hazardous chemical storage and handling, and much more. We have always been an environmentally conscious company, our Green Stamp certification reinforces this commitment.